Amazing people walk through the doors of Muscatine Yoga every day, hear what they have to say about their experience.

Muscatine Yogi's Share their experiences.

"Allison is an amazing teacher!! So patient and helpful.." Krissy K. (08/29/14)


"Exceptional!" Jenny W. (09/12/17)

"Very good to just follow her voice and try to relax. Nice to do something for me." Angie E. (08/27/17)

"I love this class. I began a year ago after a vocal specialist's conference session on vocal health. She suggested yoga for relaxation and overall well being. My acid reflux has improved and I have become stronger and more flexible. I would recommend this class to anyone who, like I was, is looking to do yoga for the first time. It's a great way to be introduced and the modifications Allison suggests make your first sessions less intimidating. She let's you make it yours." Teale B (06/16/2015)

"Allison always does a great job with her classes. It felt good to be back in class after two months away!! You rock Allison!!!!" Julie R. (06/11/15)



"Tonight will be like my 7th yoga class. I had never done any kind of yoga until now. I'm sort of a yoyo dieter. I've always gone through spurts of working out and watching what I eat. I've never been athletic, was never in dance or gymnastics as a kid, etc. And really had no clue what yoga was all about... except for what I'd seen on tv of a bunch of hippies stretching in all sorts of strange positions. LOL. BUT I have to say even though is is NOT easy for me, I love it and I can't imagine a better instructor than Allison. She is so calm, patient and makes it so easy to follow her lead. So if you get a chance, try it... you will love it."-Nicole Hope Newcomb-Baker

December 12, 2013

"Allison is an amazing instructor! Before her group classes, I have taken many one on one classes with her. She is very patient and helpful. She is such a sweet girl and one of my great friends! I would highly recommend going to her classes :)." Erica Hoopes

December 16, 2013

Keep Calm & Do Yoga!

"Allison is the best teacher!" -Mandi Newcomb


"Love the Class and feel amazing when I'm finished!" -Alleyea Alberhasky, January 1st, 2014


"My second night was last night and I love it! Allison is an amazing instructor!!" -Stacy Naber Lloyd, May 8th, 2014


Yoga is for every "BODY" in all conditions, all ages.  Yoga means no judgement.  Going with what feels right for you.

Allison R Phelps

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